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Whether you are

Dealing with every-day pain or an injury,

Faced with the challenges of a neurologic condition, or

A performer or athlete looking for that peak performance,

… and are interested in an individualized, holistic approach that helps you become the master of your own movement

You are in the right place.

Whatever your situation, I believe improving your movement improves your quality of life.

Learn more about what I can offer you!

I have been in the “movement business” for over 30 years and am passionate about using my expertise to you move through life with more comfort and ease.

As a Feldenkrais® and Anat Baniel Methodsm practitioner I look at my clients as the unique individuals that they are, and not as a diagnosis to be treated. I keep in mind that pain or difficulty in one part of the body is commonly related to what is happening in other parts. Using a combination of gentle hands on work, easy to do movement and conversation I will help you develop the felt sense of what it is like to move comfortably while doing what you want to do.

Within the first session I was amazed at how she could pinpoint exactly where my issues were and create a depth of sound and control I had been missing. Marsha has a unique gift and skill set to help us all move better every day, no matter what we do. I would highly recommend these sessions for anyone trying to overcome an ailment or in any activity in which your current way of moving is prohibiting you from doing what you love.
(photo by Jordan Davis)

BK, cellist injured in a car/pedestrian accident and now able to play her beloved cello again

And more appreciations from my clients!

I also use Feldenkrais® and the Anat Baniel Methodsm to work with children with movement or learning challenges and their families. Learn more about that work at:


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