Marsha’s work has helped me understand how my body can organize more effectively so that my movements are more efficient, fluid and integrated… My Feldenkrais experience has helped me integrate body, mind, emotions and spirit in a way that I physically feel in sync with my world view.

–KM, Non-Violent Communications Trainer who suffered from chronic pain for 35 years and no longer takes pain medication

As a fellow “life long learner” I can’t say enough about how much Marsha’s search for answers, and expertise with teaching movement has helped me, as an adult, be more at ease with myself and the messages my body is sending me.

–CK, educator, cellist with long-standing back and neck pain

I want to express my gratitude for your healing arts which brought me inspiration and relief when I was struggling with the effects of scoliosis and an autoimmune disease. In both instances your intuition, skillful touch and gentle suggestions helped me to resolve the painful effects of both conditions. You brought hope and solutions when I could find none in traditional medical approaches.

–FS, “renaissance woman” with scoliosis and autoimmune disease

My accolades to Marsha Novak with her extensive training and experience using Feldenkrais that led to my healing after many years of pain and dysfunction. Her expertise enabled my body to rediscover it’s fluidity and strength that had been missing in my life. She recognized that my injuries were not “cookie cutter” and created a treatment plan that was gentle, unique and successful… She gave me a gift: I was no longer my injury.

–CE, who spent 37 years as a flight attendant and was injured on the job

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