How Does Movement Happen?


What is the first thing you think of in order to answer to this question?  Is it muscles? Or perhaps you think of bones and joints? How does the brain fit into your picture?

In truth, it all starts with the brain. We decide to do something. The brain sends a message to muscles. Muscles pull on bones. Movement happens.

There you have it. Short enough to be a tweet!

The fact that movement is initiated in the brain has important implications- from suggesting optimal ways of exercising, to informing rehabilitation from pain and injury, to suggesting better ways of helping children with special needs or anyone with brain injuries.

I’ll go into more detail about some of that in later posts, but the essential ingredient is how we get the brain to do a better job of initiating movement.

Stay tuned.


  1. Eager to read and learn more! 🙂

  2. More soon.

  3. I struggle with what my pain is trying to tell me and how to respond. I just started reading the book “Explain Pain.” So much fear is still associated with memories of my first sciatica attach, and I was (am) so angry at myself for not paying attention to the warning signs. Not sure where this takes me yet, but hmmm…

    • Carla,

      I so appreciate your comment. Pain is such a complex issue. I do know that improving movement is often a big help.


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