Making the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant

—Moshe Feldenkrais


These words speak to my intention in working with my clients. I use very gentle hands on work, easy, guided movement and direct instruction as appropriate to empower my clients to optimize their movement in ways that improve their quality of life.

My individual sessions are about one hour long. They are available individually and in small packages. I begin with a one hour initial consultation where we will explore your unique situation and I will give you a sample of the process.

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Performing Artists & Athletes

Most typically these clients come because an injury is restricting participation, but sometimes come purely for help with performance issues. I use my keen ability to analyze movement and compare that with what is more optimal. My sessions typically involve working with pointe shoes, a musical instrument or sports implement as appropriate.

Central to my work is guiding you through an exploration of the connection between any habits of movement or posture and your difficulty—either pain or performance plateau. I can then facilitate your making changes that can both eliminate pain and help you do what you want to do with greater ease and at a higher level of performance.

I use a very similar process in working with Everyday Pain and Injury.

Chronic Pain

People who come to see me with chronic pain have typically tried a wide variety of other approaches. It is typically somewhat helpful to explore the connection between habits of movement and posture and the pain, but sometimes this is only partially effective.

I educate my chronic pain clients about the nature of chronic pain and how it does not necessarily mean something awful is going on with a specific body part. My experience has been that this can be quite helpful. Knowledge and understanding can be powerful.

Neurologic Conditions

Typically these involve the loss of some function. Current neuroscience tells us that our brains will change throughout life based on the input received.

I use my skill at movement analysis to evaluate where you are and what are the “missing pieces” to return you to improved function. I use my gentle hands on work, easy movement and instruction as appropriate to help you fill in those pieces.

You can read more about these concerns in my featured blogs posts.


“Movement is critical to every other brain function, including memory, language, emotion and learning. Our ‘higher brain functions’ derived from movement and still depend on it.”
—John Ratey, M.D.


I also use Feldenkrais® and the Anat Baniel Methodsm to work with children with movement or learning challenges and their families. Learn more about that work at:

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