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FINDING YOUR GROUND has recently completed. Check back for the next very small class series.

Here is what one of the students had to say ..

I really do see that the work is 
way beyond an exercise program.  I know from my own experience the richness of connecting with the wisdom of our bodies.  I very much appreciate that, and most often feel
a greater sense of wellbeing after doing a series of movements with you.” – PC




A Feldenkrais informed exploration to keep you crafting comfortably or to help you with current crafting pain and injury.

WHEN? Saturday March 17th from 10:30- 12:30

WHERE? @ Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

COST? $20

Registration and more information – click here

Here is what a student in the last session had to say ..

“I am still trying to completely understand exactly why, but with the changes after that class I was able to do about 30 hours of knitting in 6 days. Before that no more than an hour without a sore neck and a headache! Great news since I have a grandbaby on the way!” – MBK

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Past Events from Moving Well

From time to time I offer presentations and classes. Previous examples include:

  • Healthy Handwork Habits (recurring): Feldenkrais® informed class offered through Churchmouse Yarns and Teas to help you knit or crochet with more comfort and ease.
  • Four on the Floor (4 people, 4 weeks, at my office space): Semiprivate Feldenkrais® movement lessons with a bit of hands on support as needed. Some sessions have specific themes such as Beyond Backache and others are more open-ended and designed so each participant finds what is of value to them.

The process is simple.
The benefits can be variable and profound.
That is the Feldenkrais® super power.

  • Yoga: The Inside Story: Feldenkrais® meets yoga at the Dayaalu Center

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