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Please check back to see what is new on the horizon. New series planned for January.

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Past Events from Moving Well

From time to time I offer presentations and classes. Previous examples include:

  • Healthy Handwork Habits (recurring): Feldenkrais® informed class offered through Churchmouse Yarns and Teas to help you knit or crochet with more comfort and ease.
  • Four on the Floor (4 people, 4 weeks, at my office space): Semiprivate Feldenkrais® movement lessons with a bit of hands on support as needed. Some sessions have specific themes such as Beyond Backache and others are more open-ended and designed so each participant finds what is of value to them.

The process is simple.
The benefits can be variable and profound.
That is the Feldenkrais® super power.

  • Yoga: The Inside Story: Feldenkrais® meets yoga at the Dayaalu Center

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