Music to My Ears

I really enjoy working with performing artists. Back when I lived and worked in Seattle I did quite often, but since moving myself and my practice to Bainbridge Island this happens more rarely.

cello1Right now I am pleased to be working with two string players. One plays viola and some violin. The other plays cello. One has repetitive strain injury in her right arm, the other was hit by a car while a pedestrian injuring her left arm … at first glance different situations.

That said my Feldenkrais® training as well as experience has taught me that when movement of our arms is supported by our trunks, meaning that the ribs and chest are mobile, strain in the arms and hands is reduced. In the case of musicians their sound is also typically richer.

Here is what these two women had to say.

The cellist …

“After a car accident making it difficult to play my beloved cello, finding Marsha has changed everything. Within the first session I was amazed at how she could pinpoint exactly where my issues were and create a depth of sound and control I had been missing.”

The violist 

“I had to let you know that after just 2 hours or so of practice time to implement the flexible ribs thing, I played a Brahms piece for my professor yesterday and she could not believe what a difference it made in my sound. That was the missing piece!”

Thank you ladies.

Yes they are coming to see me about some pain- but my work is so much more than just getting out of pain- it is about moving in more comfortable and effective ways that help you to do the things that make your life more wonderful.


  1. We string players thank you, Marsha! You’ve helped us find our voices again.


  2. Thank you Gwen. It is my pleasure to help folks pursue and enjoy their passion. I am grateful to have this work.

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