The Crunchy Bread Challenge

So what does crunchy bread have to do with moving well? Try the following and then I will explain. You need a loaf of bread with a hard crust that is challenging to cut.

First cut a slice just using your arm in a sawing motion. That is what most folks do.

Now cut another slice, but this time, stand with one leg behind and just place your knife on the bread. Begin to shift your weight forward and back while you use your arm only to steady the knife. Were you able to cut the bread without actively moving your arm? Was it actually easier to cut the bread this way?

One important characteristic of efficient and effective movement is that large muscles and joints do most of the “heavy work” and the smaller joints and muscles fine tune. Our “power house” is our pelvis and legs. In the second way, the actual work of slicing the bread comes from there.

Here’s another application of this principle for gardeners. When pulling weeds get down on your knees (wearing pads is a good idea). Take hold of the weed. Rather than bending your elbow to pull- shift your bottom backward toward your heels.

Lunch time yet? 🙂



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